5 Minutes with Lyra the Smiling Chi

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Heya guys!
We thought we'd ask you a few questions so that the #CookieMoo followers can learn a bit more about you.. 
Can you tell me a little bit about how you came to live with your mum and dad?
Myself and 4 other senior Chihuahuas were found abandoned in a house in Glasgow, Kentucky. We were rescued and underwent vetting, many of us undergoing different types of surgeries, I had over 20 of my teeth removed.
I travelled with 2 other senior Chihuahua's from Kentucky to a rescue group in Ottawa, Canada, I was very stressed travelling and chewed out my tail fur (mom says it looks like a toothbrush now), but am working on growing it back! My mom picked me up the same day I arrived in Ottawa and I was super shy, but as soon as I got home I claimed mom, the couch, and my brothers carrier!
Tell us some more about your family?
My mom picked me up when my dad was out of town, so I bonded with mom immediately. I love her so much and scream everytime she gets home. I love cuddling dad cause he gives me lots of scratches, but I still don't let him get too close to mom, cause she's my favourite. I have lots of dog cousins, all are really big so I'm not very fond of them (one is 140 pounds!). My grandparents all spoil me and get me cute clothes to wear plus lots of treats (I love cheerios)!
Do you have a boyfriend or any close friends/siblings?
I am a cat dog! I recently lost my cat brother. He was amazing and we cuddled on the couch with mom and dad all the time. He'd hit me when I'd run around the house screaming when mom got home, he always kept me in check (he was also a senior adoptee and didn't have claws so couldn't actually hurt me). We'd quarrell every now and then but I loved him. I would also try to steal his food, he'd give me a look and wait for mom to move me.
Which toys are your favourites?
I don't like playing very much. I only have two teeth now so it's really hard. But I'd have to say dad is my favourite chew toy!
What does a regular day mean for you?
Mom or dad get me dressed in my winter gear (socks, boots, sweater, jacket, snood). I go outside for a quick walk and to go to the bathroom (I don't like winter so I try to get inside ASAP). Mom or dad make my food, where they hand or spoon feed me (I refuse to eat out of my dish when mom and dad are around). I spend lots of time cuddling dad on the couch, or watching mom and making sure she's ok at all times. Mom and dad will take me out again for a longer walk (or at least try to in the winter). I get lots of treats throughout the day and mom and dad always give me a bit of table food depending on what they're eating (I love salmon)!
If you can have a treat what do you choose?
I like my Orijen freeze dried boar treats. Or cheerios. But mostly pizza. It's difficult to choose.
What do you want to tell our readers a little more about?
Adopting seniors is super important! Senior dogs and cats have increased difficulty in getting adopted but are the sweetest souls you could find, they just want to give all their love to their families. They're generally already trained and require significantly less work than puppies or kittens! Adopting a senior could also mean saving its life as they are often overlooked for puppies and kittens. I'd also like for readers to know that Chihuahuas and Pitbulls are the two most surrendered breeds due to the prominence of puppy mills, negative stereotypes, and inexperienced owners. If you want a Chihuahua or another specific breed, there is no need to go to a breeder as you can find all breeds in shelter or rescues!
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