5 Minutes with Minnie Woo

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Heya Minnie Woo!

Oh hey there, come on in.. I've just been having an afternoon nap on the couch. 

Well, I thought I'd ask you a few questions so that the #CookieMoo followers can learn a bit more about you.. does that sound good? 

Sounds pretty good to me.


Can you tell me a little bit about how you came to live with your mum and dad?

Well, I'll be 7 next year and for over 6 years I lived in a puppy farm with lots of other dogs. It made me sad being there, because we didn't get any love. But one day, these two nice ladies came and took me away from the sheds and they gave me a nice bath and some really yummy food. This was a really nice change!

Then I lived there for a few more months, I was desexed, had lots of teeth out and my ears which were very sore got some wet drops put in them every day and they started to feel better. 

Then on a very exciting day, these people came to visit with a Cavalier named Harry. And I knew as soon as I met them I was going home with them. I knew I'd found my family.


Tell us some more about your family?

I love my family, but I was very sad when Harry passed away, I miss him every day - but I have two sisters, they are furry just like I am... but for some reason my mum calls them pussy cats. 

What about a boyfriend?

I do have lots of friends as well as a boyfriend named Oscar who is a King Charles Cavalier (that's what my mum says anyway)... I am a bit older than he is, but he doesn't mind and neither do I.

Which toys are your favourites?

Definitely my caterpillar, warthog and my puppy - they are the BEST!

What does a regular day mean for your Minnie Woo? 

Well, I really love to sleep in with my mum and dad, lay on the couch and get cuddles. Mum isn't always here, sometimes she leaves and Dad tells me she has to gone to a place called 'work' - but then a lady called Kate comes around and I help her clean the house. I like her, she gives me lots of cuddles. 

Sometimes I go on drives with my mum and and too which is exciting, I really like it! Plus I'm learning how to walk on a lead and getting really good.

If you can have a treat what do you choose?

Oooh, yoghurt drops are really yummy. But I don't have many teeth because of how I grew up so my mummy breaks them up for me because otherwise I can get an upset tummy. 


Well Minnie Woo, it sounds like you have a lovely family here - thanks for telling us a bit about them and you!

They are pretty great! And I am a lucky dog to be living with my family now.

Sometimes it makes me sad to think about my other furry friends who haven't found their families and live in those yucky sheds. I hope soon there is no sheds so no more puppies get hurt or sad.



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