5 Reasons to Choose Soy Candles

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We're sure you've heard the buzz about soy candles... they seem to be everywhere you look. Not only is there some beautiful designs and fragrances that come along with these candles but a bunch of benefits we think you need to know about before you make your next purchase. 


Image : On the Decorative Fringe


1. 100% Natural

Just like the name suggests, soy candles (the good ones) are created from vegetables! The soy bean is melted to an oil and then solidified - while many cheaper versions are made using paraffin wax which comes from petroleum... eek! Who wants to petrol in their candles?


2. Renewable

Here at Cookie Moo, we are passionate about making the world a more sustainable and happy place. One of the amazing benefits of soy in it's pure form is it's a renewable source.



3. Petro-soot free!

You know that horrible black soot that gets around the top of your candle after burning? That means your candle is not 100% soy - soy wax candles are petro-soot free and burn clean, leaving no horrible residue anywhere around your home.


4. Longer burn time


Ever wondered why you are going through so many candles? It could be because your a hardcore candle lover like us.. haha! Or you may be using a paraffin wax - they commonly burn a lot faster than soy candles, which have a lower melting point. Switch over to good quality and you'll receive much better value for your money.



5. Biodegradable

And lastly, did you know 100% soy wax candles can be broken down by micro-organisms? This incredible plays a huge part in preventing more and more pollution going into the ground.

Give a hoot, don't pollute!



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