5 Reasons To Shop Vegan Products

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Here at Cookie Moo we are passionate about creating products that are free of animal derivatives and 100% vegan friendly.
We started Cookie Moo to assist Kaya's Mission, in raising much needed funds for rehabilitating and re-homing puppy farm dogs. The concept of shopping 'vegan' and what it really means is slowly gaining momentum and popularity - want to know more? 
Check out the 5 reasons why shopping vegan is so important below.



1. No Chemicals

Did you know the average woman puts over 500 chemicals in/on her body everyday? Sounds horrible, doesn't it?

The chemicals in non-vegan products are ingested into your body and cause many negative reactions and are even related to things like cancer and birth defects. 


2. No Animal Testing

We know everyone is born an animal lover, and it's horrible to think about our lovely little friends being used for animal testing. Animals used for animal testing are kept in captivity and subject to nasty conditions - including experiencing horrible pain to the products used on them.


Source: On the Decorative Fringe


3. Send a Message

While it may sometimes seem impossible to end the horrible practises of animal testing, you can vote with your dollar and make a huge impact. 

While there are an endless number of large scale companies with animal cruelty at their core, they can't argue with no sales.. so it's simple, send these companies a clear message by purchasing from brands that care about our animals friends.


Source: On the Decorative Fringe


4. No Animal Derivatives

You may be surprised how many animal "ingredients" are in products in your home - these inclusions in products you use everyday perhaps on your skin can be very harmful to you short and long term. Not to mention, every one of these "animal ingredients" can be replaced by something made from nature that does that same job.

Say yes to vegan and help contribute to the rise of animal-free products.



5. Healthier products

We can see a rise in people wanting to live healthier lives these days - but often many have been misinformed about beauty and home products  and how horrible the process to creating these can be. 

Choosing vegan products not only sets you down the path of living a healthier life, but with each purchase you know you are not contributing to pain and suffering. 


While this list is only a small portion of why it's so important to shop vegan, we hope that it has sparked some thoughts in your mind and inspires you to support brands like us who put a lot of hardwork and time into produce ethical and high-quality products free of animal harm and ingredients. 


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