Happy New Year from Cookie Moo!

Posted by Rachael Gray on

Happy New Year to everyone!

2015 was rather a hectic year for us at Cookie Moo Central!  With the awesome Fur Monsters of Doom we have been very busy helping out many charities and rescue groups raising lots of money to help many animals in need. 

We have donated to so many rescues including Kaya's Mission Inc, Cavalier Rescue, Animal Rescues Appeal, Rabbit Runaway Orphanage, Big Ears, Sweet Shepherd Rescue, Great Dane Rescue, Peninsula Cat Rescue and lots more!

Cookie Moo aka Ruby is on her road to recovery after having more dental surgery and a serious bout of pneumonia which had us all worried. We think a few more weeks of drugs, rest and a lot of love she will almost be back to full health. 

In 2016 we are expanding our range to include Bubble Bars, Bath Bombs, lots of new soaps, loads of new glassware for candles, awesome new pet range and we will also be supporting rescue!

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