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We know our Cookie Moo customers are always searching for the combination of value and quality while shopping - and we love providing just that. 

On tonight's blog we are breaking down the best ways to care for your candles and ensure they last that little bit longer.


1. Trim your wick!

Ever wondered why your candles are burning out so fast?! It may be because you aren't trimming your wick each time before lighting - using a professional wick trimmer and bringing it down to around 6mm before lighting you'll create a cleaner and more consistent burn. Grab one of our wick trimmers to start on the right foot!


2. The first burn

The first time you burn your brand new candle is the most important in following some clear instructions. While burning you'll notice the pool of wax that starts form from the centre of the candle - make sure you let the pool get right to the outer edge of the candle before you blow it out. This ensures that you don't get those yucky layers of candle wax that end up creating a drop into the wick. 



3. Don't burn in breeze!

Burning your candle in a draft or any type of wind is a big no no if you want your candles to last longer. The sharp breeze can make the burn be unpredictably and faster than normal. Ideally the flame should look like a teardrop and shouldn't be flickering widely. 



4. Keep your candles in a cool place

This last one may be obvious but don't place your candles in a place where they will get hot and melt as like mentioned above the wax may reform in an unpredictable way and make the next burn inconsistent. 


Thanks for reading our top candle care tips! Now that you know how to care for your candles it's time to shop - head over and grab your Chrissy presents for your loved ones. 



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