How it all started!

Cookie Moo is our Ruby!

Ruby is a tri color female King Charles Cavalier rescued from a puppy farm and she is a Kaya's Mission girl who has captured our hearts!  It took many months of patience and love but we think she did forgot about her days in the puppy farm. She ruled our house and loved her two King Charles Cavalier brothers.

We started Cookie Moo Bath Body and Home to assist Kaya's Mission and many other rescues in raising much needed funds so they can keep rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing puppy farm dogs just like Ruby! 

Sadly Ruby passed away in March 2016 from a illness she most likely contracted whilst living in the breeding establishment, we will continue to help raise money to help puppy farm dogs just like our princess. May Ruby rest in peace and watch over us all with her big brothers Mac and Harry.

We adopted Minnie Woo in September 2017 who has now stepped in as the face of Cookie Moo Bath Body and Home.You should be able to tell but Ruby aka Cookie Moo and Minnie Woo are related and it brings us so much joy to have adopted a member of Ruby's family which we promised to her we would.

If you have any queries or would like to chat you can either email us at or call 0400 618 242.